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Playboy Playmate December 2019, Ashley Hobbs, is back in our sights again. This time she is stunning us with sexy poses on cherry red leather seats in a classic convertible. Looking classy and captivating the 5’6? California blonde unties and takes off her black top and dazzles in a strapless satin dress. She runs her fingers through her golden hair and then teases her lovely boobs loose. Her skirt inches up her thighs to show no panties. She gets out of the car to showcase her beautiful butt and stretch that gorgeous body in the warm afternoon sun. Exhib movie nude galleries The weekend was here so Playboy Playmate and all around hottie Muirina decided to rent a place near the beach so she could relax and unwind after a busy week. The place had a gorgeous balcony she could relax on so she brunette cutie stepped out wearing just a pair of panties and made herself comfy on the sunbed. As she napped and relaxed, the sexy brunette felt her nipples getting hard so she slid her hands down her tight body and eased her panties off. She didn't give a damn if the neighbors saw her sunbathing in the nude, she was enjoying herself and having a good time. After a little nude nap, she got up and walked around, checking out the place without a stitch of clothing on her. If people saw her shaved pussy and nice ass, it only made this babe smile. Super cutie, Ashley Roberts, flashes a lot more than that adorable smile of hers for this sweet Digital Desire image gallery. This set really puts the spotlight on her pretty natural breasts. This is a great way to see the blonde babe before she had her breast enhancements done. Ashley’s youthful vibrancy shines through spectacularly as she lifts up her top and teases down her pink panties. Her blue eyes sparkle and in certain shots, her long blonde hair shines like a halo. Ashley looks innocent here with just a hint of horny. Enjoy these images of sexy Ashley Roberts exposing her natural body..

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Exhib movie nude galleries

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